When thinking about the exam questions for this unit I decided that the ‘animals’ topic was most suitable for me as I am very passionate about animals and I have focused on them a lot in the past including my unit 1 pieces on emotions and animal symbolism. I feel very strongly about the welfare of animals as I have done a lot of volunteering and own a lot of animals myself. I decided to start looking into animal cruelty as I feel that my work will be more successful if I choose something I am very interested in and feel strongly about. When researching into artists for this unit I came across Charlotte Caron, an artist I have used previously for my graphic design project, Caron uses images of humans and paints animals heads over the faces of the people, I found this relevant because it links in well with the idea of animals being heavily used for fur coats and other fashion items, Caron’s idea reverses the ‘human wearing animal’ idea which is something that is used heavily in anti-fur campaigns. I also would like to research into the different campaigning posters and videos as I would like to use the most shocking images possible to enhance the meaning behind my project. Another artist I am interested in using is Wim Delvoye, he tattoos various words and images onto shaved pigs and then sells the actual pigs to people who enjoy his work or he skins the pigs and sells the tattooed skin, again, to people who enjoy his work. I personally find this concept revolting yet I feel it fits well into my theme as it shows the brutal cruelty that people feel they can perform on innocent animals for the sake of fashion and art.From unit 1 I have learned my strengths and weaknesses. I found that my work with photoshop, my photography work and my pencil work were the strongest elements and my painting skills were my weakest elements. I would like to continue to push all of these medias so I can improve on both the weak and strong points. I tried 3 different types of prints, mono printing, lino printing and dry point etching, I found that mono printing and lino printing were the most successful elements as I picked up the skills quite quickly and used the work throughout my project, I plan on using at least one of these methods in this unit. I found dry point etching quite difficult as I found the technique difficult to pick up on and I felt the images I picked did not work with the media as well as I had hoped. My time management in unit 1 worked out very well as I completed all of my work in the space of time we were given, however, I found the start of the unit difficult as I found it difficult finding a theme to stick to and the work was medias I had never used before so they were not as good as they could have been, because of this I feel I can start this unit confidently as I have already picked a theme therefore I can focus more on the work. My intentions overall are to

show the contrast between the beauty of living animals and the brutal, disgusting things we as a race feel we have the power to do to innocent animals for the sake of art, fashion and decoration.


About Graphic Design

A Level Graphic Design and Fine Art student at Durham Sixth Form.
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